Common Facility

Japanese style safe, secure and high quality facility operation

Using experience and know-how that the Saha Group and the Tokyu Group have cultivated in Thailand and Japan, HarmoniQ Residence Sriracha provide high-quality services by operating and managing facility safe and secure.


Club houses where tenants gather, relax, and chat.
At the Club House, the reception staff answer customer requests 24 hours, 365 days. In addition to fitness exercise studios and swimming pool, the clubhouse also has multi-use rooms that can be used for birthday parties, meetings and other events. In addition, we offer a wide variety of facilities and services that can be used by residents, such as kids pool and Inside kids playroom, and convinient mini-shop.

Swimming pool 360-degree panoramic image

You can see the swimming pool by drag&drop on the picture. Click the arrow in the photo to move in the direction of the arrow.


A playground where children can play as they like
The HarmoniQ Residence Sriracha offers a large playground (park) that has not been available in Sriracha’s real estate until now. The area is approximately 2,000㎡.

Playground 360 degree panoramic image

You can freely view the playground by drag&drop on the pimage. Click the arrow in the photo to move in the direction of the arrow.

Safe and stress-free living environment

HarmoniQ Residence Sriracha offers a safe, secure and stress-free living environment by using Japanese technology, quality, and expertise.


Security system for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Entrances and exits is strictly managed at main gate in HarmoniQ Residence Sriracha. Security cameras and security patrol ensure the safety of residents everyday.


You enjoy walking around the site. Ensure the safety of residents by completely separating the traffic between pedestrians and automobiles and motorcycles. In addition, a green walkway allows you to enjoy seasonal flowers and birds singing.

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